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This page will provide a playlist of short videos (5 - 10 mins)
explaining how each and every function in this functions list works. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Functions List

Functions List (A)

Add Character
Add Effect
Add Item To Container
Add Item To Tile
Add Object
Add Party Member
Add Tile
Add To Group
Add Waypoint
Apply Lighting Preset
Apply Status Effect
Assign Entity ID
Attach Effect
Attach Object

Functions List (C)

Change Camera
Clear Status Effects
Complete Quest
Create Platform

Functions List (D)

Damage Entity
Delete Data
Delete Save
Detach Effect
Detach Object
Disable Action
Disable Container
Disable Effect
Display Choices
Display Image
Display Message

Functions List (E)

Enable Action
Enable Container
Enable Effect
End Battle
End Turn
Equip Item
Execute Script

Functions List (F)

Fade In/Fade Out
Fail Quest

Functions List (G)

Give Item
Give Loot
Give Quest
Give Skill

Functions List (H)

Heal Entity
Hide Group
Hide Inventory
Hide Toolbar
Hide Widget

Functions List (L)

Load Data
Load Game
Load Map